About Us

Together we do our utmost to offer you personal, good care.

General practitioner Inge Kettenis, BIG no. 19063241501 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Friday).
Doctor Kettenis worked with general practitioner Jan Fernana between 2012 and 2014 and was trained by him. In April 2015 she took over the practice of doctor Stuijfzand. Before she started her training as a general practitioner, she completed her training as a tropical doctor (consisting of an internship year in surgery, obstetrics and the international tropical course at KIT in Amsterdam) and then worked in Malawi as the only doctor in a district hospital.
There is a cooperation with the LmC for the training of interns.

General practitioner Sophie Alexander, BIG no. 93231397401 (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday).
Doctor Alexander started on 12 June 2017 in practice. As a permanent colleague, she is employed in practice for two days a week for the long term. She has been a very experienced general practitioner since 1998, as well as a senior general practitioner in emergency care, and a lecturer at the LmC general practitioner training program.