Turkish pizza, almost everyone loves it. It is therefore eaten in large numbers. But is it healthy? What is the nutritional value of a Turkish pizza? How many calories does this dish contain and what does that mean for you?

What’s a Turkish pizza?
A Turkish pizza is a typical oriental dish. It is also called Lahmajoen. In the Netherlands and other countries, however, it is known as Turkish, Armenian or Lebanese pizza. The spicy taste is typical for the dish. It is made of dough and topped with a mixture of products. You can not only order it in certain restaurants, but you can also buy it at the supermarket. It became known because Arab sheikhs ate it during their desert trips.

What’s on a Turkish pizza?
What is on a Turkish pizza? There are several products used for the mixture on top of the layer of dough. This usually consists of seasoned minced meat, fresh tomatoes, onion, spicy peppers and parsley. However, more combinations are possible. It is often sprinkled with lemon or lime before being served. You can eat it as a wrap, but also as a ‘flat’ pizza.

Is Turkish pizza healthy?
Maybe you love Turkish pizza and wonder if it’s healthy. The bottom is not very healthy. It is made of flour and therefore does not contain the nutrients found in other cereals. Moreover, it does not contain fibres, but carbohydrates. These are converted into sugars in your body. Because the sauce is made from fresh tomatoes, it is not really unhealthy. Of course, the vegetables on it are also healthy. A Turkish pizza is therefore healthier than a natural one. If you often eat Turkish pizza in combination with garlic sauce, then you are not very healthy. Garlic sauce is a real thickener and there are many additives in Turkish pizza kcal

Turkish pizza kcal
How many calories in a Turkish pizza? The number of calories in a Turkish pizza is relatively high. The Nutrition Centre has determined that a 160 g piece of pizza contains about 430 kcal. Then you have reached the maximum number of calories you can use per day.

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Eating a Turkish pizza or not?
According to many people, Turkish pizza turns out to be quite addictive, which is why we have to be careful with this product. After all, eating too much of something is never healthy. You can make a Turkish pizza healthy by putting enough vegetables on it and making your own tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes. You can certainly find the recipe for this online. Moreover, you can limit the number of calories and unhealthy fats by eating it without garlic sauce. Eating a Turkish pizza in due time can’t hurt at all, but make sure you don’t take too much of it!